Vitamin D: The Critical Vitamin

Consider Vitamin D as the most important part of your daily health regime.

Vitamin C provides endless immunity benefits however it is also important to learn that Vitamin D is a more important vitamin — especially when it’s about fighting off colds.

Vitamin D is a great deal: It helps promote calcium absorption and bone health. Boosts immune functionality and reduces inflammation. Enhances neuro-muscular function and protects against various forms of cancer.

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Getting Vitamin D from Foods: However, not many of us are taking Vitamin D and according to a research, this vitamin gets the least attention when it comes to vitamin selection. In addition to this, Vitamin D can be found in a very few foods which makes it somewhat rare. Nevertheless, Vitamin D can be obtained from common healthy foods like mackerel, tuna, salmon and fish liver oils. Small amounts of Vitamin D can be obtained from foods such as egg yolks, cheese and beef liver.

Getting Vitamin D from Sunlight: In addition to this, there is an easy and interesting way of getting your daily dose of Vitamin D and that is by sunlight. According to science, you can actually obtain Vitamin D with the help of ultraviolet rays from sunlight. These UV rays promote Vitamin D. Therefore you can get the pure Vitamin D from sun — all you have to do is starting hanging out more during the day. If you spend about 10–15 minutes outside under the sun, you are most likely to obtain the purest Vitamin D from the nature. But, you have to make sure that you wear sunscreen after 10 minutes of sun exposure. Sunscreen can be applied 10–15 minutes later to avoid burns and damage.

Getting Vitamin D from Milk: If you are looking for an easier way of getting Vitamin D then go for the fortified food. You can find an abundance of vitamin D in fortified foods such as milk. US milk supply is made with 100 units per cup which means 50% of the required daily dose. Therefore, the milk is perfect for bone strength due to its richness in calcium and vitamin D. About 400 IU daily dose of Vitamin D has been recommended for people of all ages.

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Beauty & Wellness Blog

Beauty & Wellness Blog

Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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