Take the proper steps to obtain skin clear of imperfections. Sebum (your skin’s natural oil) will increase production with hormonal changes. Other factors such as genetics, stress, daily irritants, and exposure to pollution will stand in the way of a great complexion. They will enter your pores looking for a home, and then after allowing bacteria to latch on, the molecules will look for a way out which is when the blemish forms.

So, now that we have a brief description of what causes your skin to break out, let’s discuss the best ways to prevent further outbreaks so you can be your most confident and beautiful self. Just remember these three words — cleanse, treat, conceal.

  1. Cleanse thoroughly, twice daily, with the right product for your skin type. For all skin, use a gentle, oil-free, fragrance-free, cleanser. For oily skin, look for the word non-comedogenic*.
  2. Use toner only if skin is super oily, otherwise it will over-dry your complexion which is also a culprit of blemishes. Follow with oil-free sunscreen (gel works best if you can find it.)
  3. Exfoliate gently. Blemish prone skin slightly protrudes and over scrubbing will further irritate your skin.
  4. At night, spot-treat your skin with products that contain benzoil peroxide, glycolic acid or salicylic acid.
  5. Conceal with non-comedogenic* makeup. Dab directly onto blemish and wipe away excess. Too much cover-up will accentuate the blemish, so go lightly.

Pascale Loveniers

*Comedogenics are found in heavily moisturized products such as night creams and liquid foundation.

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