Those Amazing Low Carb Recipes

How many times have you woken up hungry and groggy? For me, it is pretty much an everyday occurrence. I’m not really much of a morning personal trip over my feet as I go about finding my clothes and brushing my teeth still feeling hazy and half-asleep. Although my stomach is also grumbling, what to eat for breakfast is the last thing on my mind. All I care about is grabbing something to ease that hollowness. I simply grab whatever it is I lay my eyes on. Those were the days, back when I wasn’t on a low carb diet.

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It is common practice for me to simply pour cereal and milk into a bowl. Quicker than you can say ‘breakfast’, I would wolf it all down until not even a drop of milk is left at the bottom of the bowl. But cereals suddenly became a huge no-no once I started my low carb diet. This means that find breakfast food is becoming a problem. There are eggs, bacon, and sausages, but they take too long to cook. I need low carb cereal.

I do not easily get fed up with having the same type of food to eat during breakfast, unlike the case of lunch or dinner where I keep looking for something different or something new. I can eat the same food for breakfast every morning without ever getting bored. Perhaps I can blame it on the fact that I am still fresh from sleep and my brain can’t be bothered to complain about anything. Some people like to look up low carb recipes to be able to cook something delicious for breakfast. For some, low carb pizza and other foods they ate during dinner would do. But for me, I need something fast, but also repetitive. Thinking about what I should eat isn’t exactly how I pictured my morning to be. Looking up recipes at eight o’clock in the morning does not appeal to me. I don’t also want to spend too much time figuring out what to have for breakfast if there are no leftovers from dinner that I can work with. Anyway, I am not really a huge fan of having meals made from leftovers.

I know many people suggest things like boiling eggs the night before or low carb muffins, but they just don’t feel like breakfast because it’s nothing like what I used to eat for breakfast, which was cereal. The recipes involving the low carb cereals that are available in the market can be quite complicated. Even if you use a ready-made packet, it’s still a big hassle as you have to boil water and then mix it in with the powder. You cannot immediately enjoy your bowl of cereal until it has at least cooled down a bit. This might be all right during the weekends when I don’t have to rush off to work, but during the weekdays, it’s not such a good idea.

I can’t wait until someone makes low carb cereal for me to eat daily. It doesn’t have to taste amazingly great, because I know that without sugar and wheat and oats, it obviously won’t taste quite the same. But if someone can make something close to it, then I’d be happy. It needs to be something with a bit of a crunch to it, and it can’t just go soggy as soon as it touches the milk. Maybe I am asking for too much with those demands. Perhaps that type of food is an impossibility so I should simply look elsewhere for other breakfast options. However, I still can’t help but wish that the day will come when all the supermarket stalls will be stocked with low carb cereal.

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Beauty & Wellness Blog

Beauty & Wellness Blog

Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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