The High Cost of Stress

As we move further and faster into the 21st Century each of us in our modern technological society faces an ever-increasing number of challenges, demands and possible traumas. You and I now experience in our day to day lives a nearly overwhelming array of emotional, physical and
chemical stresses.


These stresses place heavy demands on our bodies, minds and spirit. The mental and emotional challenges of school, work, and earning a living, the stresses of marriage and family life, a move from one’s home or hometown, even national and international news and events, all create stress and take their toll on our bodies and nervous system. Physical stresses such as automobile accidents, injuries in sports or at work, even sitting for long periods of time at a desk as well as poor postural habits and sleep patterns directly effect our spine and nervous system even if we don’t feel their effects immediately. Other less recognizable stresses come in the form of
toxins from pesticides, preservatives, car fumes, drugs, alcohol and smoke. Even electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, computers, television and microwaves have harmful effects on the nervous system’s capacity to function properly.

As conscious individuals who wish to experience optimal health and well-being we must now ask ourselves: What is the cost on our bodies of taking on more and more stress without an effective means of clearing these stresses from our nervous system?

The cost may be much greater than we might first imagine.

Whenever any stress whether emotional, physical or chemical exceeds the body’s capacity to adapt and recover what results is an interference, obstruction or misalignment in the spine and nervous system. Since it is the nervous system that controls and coordinates every other system in our bodies — the reproductive, digestive, glandular, circulatory, and immune systems — -any excess of stress poses a serious threat to our mental and physical health.

Science now tells us that these obstructions to our neural and spinal network are perhaps the most serious and widespread threat to an individuals capacity to fulfill his or her genetic potential. Whenever there is adverse tension on the nerves, all the tissues and organs to which these nerves connect are also under abnormal tension. As the tone and integrity of this
delicate energy-information network gets distorted, the body’s innate intelligence cannot properly communicate with the body parts affected. It is like a radio signal that has been scrambled or blocked, or a computer-virus or transmission-glitch in a communications network, only the communications network we are speaking of is your body-mind and the possible effects much
more dangerous and harmful.

In fact, to whatever degree our nervous system’s ability to exchange energy and information is diminished there is a corresponding diminishment in the necessary flow of life-force throughout the body. When the flow of life-force is interrupted it is often recognized by the appearance of
conditions such as fatigue, anxiety, irritability and depression or in physical symptoms ranging from sleep difficulties and sexual dysfunction to headaches, muscle tension and chronic pain. When the life-force diminishment becomes persistent or severe it results in pathologies which can effect any tissue, organ or regulatory system in the body and may eventually lead to the onset of serious disease or life-threatening illness.

Given the far-reaching and harmful effects of stresses on our body, especially upon our spine and nervous system, we can begin to understand the fundamental importance of a clear, uninterrupted nervous system. Healing and wholeness systems such as yoga, tai chi, osteopathic medicine and
chiropractic have not only recognized the primary role of the spine and nervous system but have developed their approaches around this deep recognition. Having realized how important a clear and well-functioning nervous system is to overall health a number of healing modalities have
emerged in recent decades which directly address the need of freeing the body of its deep-seated interference patterns. The discoveries that are now surfacing from a variety of scientific sources confirm what ancient healing systems have known for centuries: as the spine and nervous system is cleared of its stresses and obstructions it begins to function at a higher and more integrated level. As this process takes place, all aspects of the body from the cellular level to the organ tissue to the posture of the spine improve dramatically. With the spine and nervous system clear, the mind and body relax. This state of ease allows a person to be more in touch with their true self and thus experience more freedom, self-empowerment and abundance in their life.

Given the remarkable challenges and stresses that now characterize our modern technological life and knowing the cost these stresses inflict on our bodies, we can now understand why a regular and effective program of clearing our nervous systems of these stresses is not only important but absolutely necessary. This is especially the case if we consider how the free and abundant flow of life-force is not only the foundation of optimal health but also the very means by which we realize our full potential for growth, creativity and joy.

Christiaan Janssens
CRO Akwa Wellness

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