The Finns developed the custom of dry-heat bathing known as the sauna over two thousand years ago. Even in modern times in Finland, the ritual of the weekly sauna continues to be eagerly awaited, whether it be a family sauna, or a gathering of friends, or even an hour or two of solitude devoted to relaxation and meditation. Many traditional Finns consider the time spent in the sauna to be as sacred as time spent in church.

Sauna Sessions

A full sauna session consists of alternating bouts of heat and cold. A person partaking in a sauna usually spends 10 to 15 minutes in the heated room, which is then followed by a plunge into cold water, or even snow. Depending on the location of the sauna, rivers or lakes may be used, but often pools or even a shower/bathtub can be used. The natural refreshment of a river or lake is often considered far superior to that of man-made pools and showers.

Sauna Health Benefits

Saunas have many beneficial effects, including cleansing the complexion, relaxing and revitalizing muscles after strenuous exercise, enhancing circulation, stimulating mental alertness, sharpening the senses, and aiding in relieving symptoms of minor colds and illnesses.

Building a Sauna

Saunas are wonderfully adaptable enclosures that can be built in the smallest of spaces, or constructed as their freestanding building in the woods. They can be any size, and come both attached to buildings and inside buildings. All that is needed to construct a sauna is basic carpentry skills and the desire to build a sauna to your specifications.

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