The Best Care Of Your Baby’s Hair

Children’s hair is very fragile and fair. That’s why you need to take the best care of them.

I can assure you that there is no need to get upset if your sweet baby’s hair doesn’t grow. My daughter has light fine hair from birth. Up until she was seven her hair was too short and she had a funny tomboy look.

But later it grew by itself and now she looks like a princess. So, don’t get nervous if you have the same problem. But if your child’s hair doesn’t grow after he/she is 11 you should consult with a child dermatologist and find out the problem.

If you see a crust on your baby’s scalp, never comb it out, as it may lead to huge health problems, from infections to scalp bleeding. Instead, while washing your baby’s hair, take a baby’s tooth-comb (make sure it is blunt) and try to get rid of those flakes. Do it very softly, day by day, little by little. Don’t forget to grease the crust with baby oils before bathing.

If your baby’s hair gets split ends, it may mean that there is a constant disorder in his/her organism. It may also mean that the parents rarely brush the baby’s hair.

It is not common for children to have dandruff. But it can occur because of fatty secretions. The total removal of dandruff is way beyond possibility. Just use natural hair care tips or herbal shampoos to reduce the amount of those annoying white spots.

You should always dry your child’s hair after washing it, especially before sleep. Otherwise he will most definitely catch a chill, if not anything worse.

I also try to massage my baby’s head for at least ten minutes every day. It makes the spiritual bond between the parent and the baby stronger, plus the baby’s hair becomes more shiny and healthy.

If gum gets stuck in the baby’s hair, don’t panic. Just take a comb, apply a bit of vegetable oil on it and start brushing the damaged part. Then grease about 5 ml of butter and work with your hands to take off the remaining gum. If you or your baby have an allergy to butter, use mayonnaise instead.

Also it’s a good idea to choose a natural baby shampoo made only for children. Try to find combs having teeth that match your baby’s hair type and brush the hair three times a day, not more.

So, be ready to use the best baby hair care tips for your sweety.

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Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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Beauty & Wellness Blog

Beauty & Wellness Blog

Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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