Stress in the Workplace

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With the rapid advancement of technology, the stresses faced at work have also increased. Many people dread going to work, hence the term “Monday Blues”. What is the reason for this? There is partly the fear from being retrenched in bad times, leading to greater job insecurity on the part of those who remain. Without a doubt, occupational stress is one of the most commonly cited stressors faced by people all over the world.

Stress refers to the pressure and reactions to our environment which leads to psychological and physical reactions. Whilst some stress is beneficial for encouragement and increasing efficiency, excessive stress can result in negative impacts such as reduced effectiveness and efficiency. More and more people are feeling out-casted and disrespected at work, and this has led to greater occupational stress. Many companies have requested for advise from consulting experts and professionals on ways to increase connectedness and morale of their employees.

Some companies set up parties and make their employees feel valued at work. These are methods to motivate employees and make them to feel secure about their jobs, translating into greater productivity. However, not every company have such measures in place, and some have yet to get it right. Hence, it is your choice to make sure that you can handle with pressure at your workplace, and utilize it to push you to work better. Here are 3 simple steps to help you with coping with stress in the workplace.

Step #1: Raising Awareness
Help yourself to understand when you face rising levels of stress, tipping the scales from positive to negative. This is important, as if you are able to identify signs of being stressed can help you to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your overall quality of life does not drop. If left unacknowledged, the problem will only snowball, leading to disastrous consequences to your health and overall wellbeing.

You can identify if you are feeling stressed by checking if you have any physical or psychological reactions, such as sweating excessivelyor increasing heart palpitations, or the onset of headaches, irritability or the need to escape. If you experience any of these reactions, identify if you are experiencing any overwhelming negative emotions, and if you are constantly worried.

Step #2: Identify the Cause
You have to be able to analyze the situation and identify what is causing the rise in stress. These stressors can be both external and internal. External stressors refer to things beyond your control, such as the environment or your colleagues at work. Internal stressors refers to your own thinking and attitude. Often, we only start reacting to stress when a combination of stressors working together goes beyond our threshold.

Keep a record or a list of events that have caused you to experience strong negative emotions, or those that are likely stressors. This will help you to understand the reasons behind your stress. Whilst it is not always possible to erase them, we can change the way that we cope with it.

Step #3: Coping with Stress
In order to tackle the situation that is causing you stress, you need to calm your mind and body so as to stave off the reactions and cope with it in a positive way. This can be through different ways, such as taking time off. If a situation is triggering your stress and you are unable to relax, move away from it. Head outside and take a breather to calm down. Alternatively, you can try implementing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing. If it is an internal stressor, stop your thought process until you are able to deal with it logically.

The key to making these 3 steps work for you is to practice them. These are not instantaneous solutions, and you need to condition your mind and practice them so that you can implement it when you are feeling stressed.

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Beauty & Wellness Blog

Beauty & Wellness Blog

Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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