Keep your hair as stress-free as possible in its over-stressed environment. With regular styling, exposure to environmental toxins, and product build up — hair begins to look frumpy and dull. In addition to using top of the line products and scheduling regular styling and color appointments, there are simple tricks to habituate that will keep your hair as healthy as possible:

  • Comb hair while dry — this helps hair cuticle retain moisture, simultaneously preventing breakage.
  • Let hair air-dry until almost completely dry before finishing with a hair dryer. This will reduce the stress it causes to style sopping wet hair. Never use styling tools on wet hair!
  • Use fabric covered rubber bands.
  • Do not continuously dry or style the same spot of hair — too much heat will damage hair to the point of breakage.
  • Wash hair every day only if needed, i.e. oily. Otherwise go as long as you can until it actually appears dirty. In the mean time, shampoo only your scalp and then rinse and style as usual.
  • Get regular trims!

Some of this advice may sound redundant but reiterating the basics is essential from time to time when in a beauty slump.

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Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at