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2 min readFeb 23, 2018


If you are at all exposed to commercials you’ll notice various creams and ointments that supposedly help make your skin look better because they contain vitamin E, or collagen, or some other nutrient promised to nourish your skin. Some of them probably work, though you shouldn’t take a commercial’s word for it. It is true that while the best skin care for aging skin requires avoiding the sun and not smoking, certain vitamins have a definite role to play in protecting your healthy skin. But not all of these can be absorbed through the skin, some of them can cause allergic reactions, it’s possible to overdose on others, and many cosmetics and toiletries don’t have enough of the vitamins in them to matter, anyway.

My view is that the simple thing to do is to take vitamins internally, preferably by eating a balanced diet. I had a close encounter with the power of vitamins a few years ago. I was traveling a lot, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were convenient, so I ate a lot of them and not much else for a couple months. Before I knew it, my hair had turned dull. I did a little research and realized I had vitamin A deficiency. Eating spinach twice a week fixed my hair. I’ve seen people who let vitamin deficiency turn their skin dull, too; they just look drab and grey all over. The best skin care for aging skin is part of the best health care, because if you’re not healthy, your skin won’t look good. If you are healthy and happy, you’ll get a healthy skin as a bonus effect.

If you want more than that, sure, take some vitamins, use some creams, but don’t let yourself get taken in by a fad, and don’t fool yourself into thinking that remembering a lot of details, like which vitamins are rumored to be good for which aspects of your skin, is the same as really understanding a complex subject. If you want to go above and beyond the best skin care for aging skin by adopting a targeted vitamin regimen, talk to a dermatologist-or you could become one.

Pascale Loveniers

22 december 2017

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