Preventing, Headaches, Migraines, and Hangovers

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4 min readMar 17, 2018


One common thread with all of them would be tight neck muscles….
As a massage therapist, I find the muscles around the neck to be the cause of headaches.
The lack of blood to the head results in pain in the brain. Usually a good shoulder and neck massage takes care of most headaches…

Another cause of headaches may be an out of line cervical vertebrae. When the neck vertebrae are out of line it may pinch the nerves giving one “The pain in the neck”. A chiropractic adjustment allied with a massage usually takes care of this issue quickly.
“But my headaches are continuous and build up every week after I get a massage.” Well, you must relax and stretch as much as you punish yourself.

One massage counters about four weeks of office/computer work. For worker bee people 1–2 massages a month should catch you up with the continuous strain. So if you do not keep up with the maintenance of your body and get 1 or 2 massages a year and expect that to cure everything, you will be disappointed. Check your health insurance; some plans prescribe massage for chronic pain and limited range of motion with any limb.

A common headache issue is when a person thinks “it is all up to them”. They are busy rushing around because somewhere in there childhood they were
the ones taking care of the family or they need to control everything. They will have tight shoulders from “carrying the world on their shoulders”. A suggestion would be to delegate and empower the people around them with some of the load. Another technique that I tell busy nurses is “You can only help so many…if you are broken then you save no one…take care of yourself first…this will enable you to better help others.”


The common theme I have found with some migraine clients is that they will have a past of someone/or something controlling them.The back of the neck is where we get our information from the universe (the greatencyclopedia). This area governs who has control of the body.

Look at father with her daughter. He puts his hand on the back of her neck. From hereone can move a person around and even knock them off balance. This works the sameway energetically. Overbearing parents who control every aspect of children’s lives willenergetically take over this area…I see pictures/metaphors that tell me a story of what isgoing on in individuals, I have seen satellite dishes, antennas, and computersoftware….from parents unconsciously controlling the individual. The migraine will come in when the individual no longer wants to be taken over and a resistance will occur…the migraine (“the battle”). There will be the parent moving in to take control and the individual will start to build a resistance to the intrusion. So there will be a battle thatwill take place in the individuals head/neck. This may affect the vision/intuitive chakra(“third eye”), in which they will lack the skills to make decisions for the future. Anothereffect may be a constricted throat chakra in which expressing their decisions may bediminished.

On one occasion I have seen a client who was in a occult and their brainwashing techniques on control was effecting this person giving her a migraine.


As stated before tight muscles cause headaches…When drinking onebecomes dehydrated, this will lead to the muscles loosing their elasticity in which they will become stuck to themselves.

If you are already tight from office or repetitive work these muscles will be compromisedfirst. These muscles are usually the neck muscles…in are society these muscles are toooverworked and are usually the cause of tremendous hangovers. If you are a stiff/tenseperson already and then add some dehydration you will have a worse hangover than someone who stretches and keeps loose.

Preventing or keeping the pain moderate from a hangover.

As a massage therapist I can’t really suggest these techniques, this is just from my own experience. Why you dehydrate is because your body does not like the toxins from the liquor. Lowerquality liquor uses cheaper methods which result in more toxin production. Try to get the best quality possible, now, there are some organic beer and wine out there which arequite tasty. This is a hard one but at 1am in the morning after a night of partying try drinking water instead of that last drink.

When you get home drink a couple of glasses of water with aspirin or ibuprofen. Andrepeat in the morning…Coffee works well here also…all of these thin the blood socirculation can get through the dehydrated tight muscles.Get a massage…less tension will let more blood flow through you, the less tension you have the quicker the recovery.