Makeup Tips for Beginners

Makeup is a passion for many women out there. Sometimes, starting to use makeup brings many doubts to the beginners: which products to buy, where to invest, how to get the right tone of foundation and corrector and many, many more.

In this article you will find some of the basic products to have and some tips on each one of them.Let’s get started!

MakeUp Tips

Get to know your skin

The first thing to know, if you don’t know already, is which type of skin you have. Is it oily and shiny all-over? Then you must have oily skin. Is it dry all-over? In this case you must have dry skin. Or do you feel the T-zone in your face oily and the cheeks normal to dry? Then you must have combination skin. In any of these cases your skin could also be sensitive and you must have additional care in order to fulfill its needs. If you’re fortunate (not many people in the world are) your skin type is normal and the best you can do for your skin is to feed it with hydrating care.


In any of the above cases, the most important thing you need for your skin is a moisturizer. The importance of knowing your skin comes with the importance of buying an adequate moisturizer that enhances your skin beauty and treats it accordingly to your skin needs. The moisturizing care needs to be applied before makeup at all times. This is step one in makeup.

Basic products to have in your beginner’s makeup bag


Foundation is one of the most important products in makeup. It will even out your skin tone and hide any imperfections where needed. Nevertheless it has to blend very well with your skin in order to enhance it and wearing foundation should never feel and look like a mask.

Choose the shade of your foundation according to your skin-tone, never darker and preferably never lighter. Ask for help when buying it and if possible try it out, wear it during day light to be sure that it’s the right tone. Foundation is the product to invest in a beginner’s makeup bag. So, try to get the best out of your budget.


Much like foundation a corrector or concealer plays a very important part in makeup. You will use it to hide your under eyes darkness, conceal blemishes and uneven skin parts and possibly highlighting needed spots in your face.
Corrector or concealer is also a product where you should invest in order to obtain the best results possible. Try to find the right shade and consistency for you and go for it!

PowderPowder is needed to set your makeup. If your skin is dry you might not need it, but if you have oily or combination skin you should have and apply powder on top of your foundation and corrector where your skin normally shines.Try to get a lightweight powder which sets your makeup giving you a polished and natural skin look. There are some drugstore brands that will allow you to buy good products in a tight budget.

Eye-shadowBuy a small to medium eye-shadow pallet and you will have all you need! This is not a product to invest as there so many brands in the market that sell good products for a small amount of money such as Coastal Scents, Inglot, Maybelline, L’Oréal and many more. If you are a beginner, go for those as they will be all you need for a while. When you master the art of making up your eyes, start searching for more if you need.


Blush is a needed product to enhance your cheekbones, but like eye-shadow you won’t need to invest much in this product. Buy one that looks nice with your skin tone and that is neutral enough to go with most of your makeup. Try drugstore brands as they will deliver nice quality for less money.

MascaraMascara is the last product to invest in as there are many drugstore brands out there that will deliver very good quality for a good price. Try to get one to elongate your eye lashes and another to give you full volume lashes. This way you can combine both, if needed, to get different results.

Eye pencilBuy two eye pencils: one brown for softer looks and one black for more dramatic and smudgy eyes. The eye-pencils are worth the investment and you should look for formulas that glide easily in your lids and that have a good and long-lasting finish.

LipstickBuy the lipsticks you want and need! This is the most used makeup item all over the world, so buy the ones that complete both neutral and more glamorous looks. Try to buy good formulas that hydrate your lips and make you makeup complete!Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are very important to get a good makeup look. If you can invest in some good brushes for face and eyes. To begin with get a good blush brush as all the other products can be set into your face with your fingers. Then, when possible, buy some good eye brushes that will help you enhance your technique. From this step on buy the brushes you want you find the need to have them!

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Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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