People who want to lose weight and decided to change their diet, face many challenges. Among them — the feeling of hunger due to restriction of food, unusual diet, lack of favorite dishes, changing tables for eating. These and other factors are psychologically quite difficult for humans; so many people just quit dieting soon after starting it. Meanwhile, as rightly noticed, nutritionists, weight loss without diet is impossible, even if you do a lot of sports — your muscles will become stronger, but to remove fat — you need a diet. So, what diet meal would you prefer?

In that case, let`s draw your attention to an interesting research about diet meal and weight loss in the United States. Volunteers, who had a relatively small extra weight — 5–8 kg were to reduce the amount of their normal food: macaroni and cheese, and chicken with rice dish that is quite familiar to us and hearty and add some vegetables. Chefs on the instructions of the experimenters began to increase the dose of mashed potatoes in the dish, resulting in reduced calorie content is about 20 percent. It was noted that the replacement of one fifth of the dish vegetable puree does not affect the taste; people practically do not feel it. As a result, people who ate familiar food, lost weight about 1–2 kg in a month, though lifestyle didn`t change. Such diet meal weren`t actually like a strict diet, but had such an effect.

So, what is so amazing about this diet meal is that you have no stress from avoiding some food, but reach weight loss. Meals are as delicious as earlier, but they contain fewer calories. Researches have shown that people quite willing to change about 20–25 percent of your dish (that is, its one quarter) of vegetables, salad, or the same mash. So, if you want to lose weight, do not reduce your diet, do not starve, but only replace part of servings of vegetables. That is a great decision of any problem and desire of weight loss.

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