Lime can do wonders

​Lime is the best physician at all times. It relieves many symptoms which no doctor could do. Lime is very effective in coughs, cold and influenza. A big glass of warm water, one table spoon honey, half a lemon works wonders. Those who drink one lemon drink every day hardly have to visit a doctor. Lime destroys the toxins in the body. Typhoid and other diseases die within no time. It is very effective in destroying the uric acid. It is very effective in destroying bacteria from intestinal tract. I t cures constipation, loss of appetite, arthritis, skin diseases, heart diseases. The high potassium content in them makes the lime very useful for preventing and curing heart diseases. It strengthens the teeth and gums. It freshens the breath. It purifies blood and liver.It stimulates the functions of the kidney, liver and sweat glands. A ripe lime is a good appetizer. It destroys intestinal worms and expels the excessive gases formed in the digestive tract. Regular exercies and the juice helps excreting waste toxins innyour body. It purifies blood. Each and every cell of the body is rejuvenated by taking lime.

Christiaan Janssens

CRO Akwa Wellness

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