Keeping Your Bones Strong with Organic Calcium

Bones comprise a major portion of the human body and it is extremely important for a person to take care of the bones. Even though one might not think of or notice the bones much, it is a fact that without bones, or healthy bones for that matter, life can be miserable. This can be realized only by those who have lost bones and had to be fixed with something artificial in place or have even faced simple fractures.

Happy bones

An integral part of every health regime is keeping the bones healthy and this can be ensued by taking in a good amount of calcium. Algaecal supplement has been found to work wonders in this regard. When talking of the algaecal supplement, the word algaecal does not refer to any brand name. It rather refers to the calcium extracted from an algae plant known as Algas Calcareas.

Compared to other calcium supplements, these ones come from a food source while the normally found calcium supplements usually contain calcium citrate or calcium carbonate. This means that those supplements contain extracts of rock rather than anything edible, and hence, it is often recommended that these supplements be avoided because owing to the rock content, they cause cardiac arrests, heart attacks and other such problems. Along with this, they are not very good sources of calcium.

Algaecal supplement on the other hand, brings a good amount of calcium into the body and it is said that while the rock-based calcium supplements dissolve no more than 20%, these ones get absorbed around 97% and that too, within a very short time. This is how, along with being safe for consumption, the calcium supplements made using algae plant remain way better options when it comes to keeping bones healthy and strong.

Algas Calcareas

Without calcium, bones cannot be healthy and strong but if one is looking to increase the calcium intake in addition to what is gained through the diet, using calcium from Algas Calcareas is recommended. Rock-based formulations of calcium supplements deposit calcium that does not dissolve, into the arteries and can lead to blockages and other problems.

The trend of organic foods is increasing these days and has hit the makers of calcium supplements too. This is how the idea of getting calcium from the algae plant emerged and has now flooded the markets around the globe. When it comes to extracting calcium from the rock and making medications out of it, the methods used are quite industrial while the extraction of this nutrient from the algae is purely natural and organic.

The plant of Algas Calcareas is no bigger than the size of kiwi fruit. It is sundried and made into the powder form and needs no additives in the whole process. This is what makes algaecal supplement, healthy for consumption. Taking no more than 20 minutes to dissolve, the algaecal supplement works wonders for the bones.

With healthy bones comes good skeletal system and with that, good health comes automatically. Regular use of these supplements in older ages can help in keeping the structure younger for longer.

C. Janssens

CRO Akwa Wellness


Algae-Based Calcium Enhances Bone Mineral Density

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Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at