Ionic Foot Bath — A Relaxing Way of Toxin Removal

The current atmosphere is actually bombarded with harmful toxins as well as dangerous contaminants! Air pollution associated with air, water as well as soil is growing daily. It seems that on a daily basis now, you can encounter some attention grabbing news that talks about the ill effects of those harmful pollutants. These are toxins extremely harmful to people’s health. They can cause an impact that may damage your wellbeing! Today, the easiest method to get rid of these harmful toxins is an ionic foot bath.

The basic theory here is that harmful toxins in the body will be best released through the feet when submerged in ionized water. Our feet have the most number of crisscrossing veins and have more than two thousand perspiration glands. This is the reason why shoes sometimes smell, more so when you don’t wear socks. It is also because of osmosis why the procedure can make toxins be released through the feet. Through osmosis, particles travel through a membrane into a highly charged substance. This substance is the foot bath water that has been ionized. The change on the color appearance is because of the toxins released from the body.

These are some details on some of the benefits from ionic foot baths.

- Increase the body’s defense system.

- Speed up recovery from injuries.

- Relieve joint pains due to rheumatism and stiffness caused by arthritis.

- Help in getting a better sleeping pattern.

- Remove blood clot.

- Facilitate a better functioning liver and kidneys.

As an added advantage, the water’s electric charge provides better blood circulation in the feet. After the ionic foot bath process, most patients attest to feeling better all over. There’s less feeling of tiredness and stress, making them able to function and get more things done.

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Beauty & Wellness Blog

Beauty & Wellness Blog

Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at