Identifying and Eliminating Chronic Back Pain

Back Pain

Types of Back Pain

The most common types of back pain are:

Relieving the Pain

If you or a loved one suffers chronic back pain, there are options to relieve the pain in the form of:

  • Treatments
  • Surgical options

When Should I See a Doctor for Pain?

Most of the time it is not necessary to see a doctor if you have back pain because the pain in most cases goes away with or even without treatment. However, seeing your doctor is probably a good idea if you have numbness or tingling, if your pain is severe and doesn’t improve with medications and rest. You should definitely visit your doctor when you have pain after a fall or an injury. It is also important to see your doctor if you have pain along and one of the following problems: weakness, pain, or numbness in your legs; trouble urinating, fever or unintentional weight loss. These symptoms can signal a serious problem that needs treatment as soon as possible.

Visiting a Spine Specialist

Through careful evaluation and diagnostic tests, a spine specialist can determine the correct method of treatment including:

  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Surgical options:
  • Implanting hardware
  • Bone graft
  • Removing herniated discs
  • Relieving compression on spinal nerves

Don’t Delay Treatment

Regardless of what type of back pain you suffer from, one aspect remains constant: If untreated, chronic aches and back pain can continue to follow you throughout your life. If mundane household chores or tasks at work lead to recurring pain on a daily basis, it’s important for you to know that options are available.

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