How to make your skin care products more effective

There are several ways on how to make your skin care products more effective and maximize their effects.
Properly exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating your facial skin aids in removing dead skin cells and helps to reveal a newer facial skin surface thus, removing the barriers of the skin which would allow the product to be absorbed by your skin more easily. Use a natural exfoliant that will not hurt your delicate skin and use it once a week only. The latest trend to exfoliate your skin is by using a skin brush that functions like a “toothbrush” only, it is used onto your face instead of your teeth.

Apply and massage the product onto your face

A lot of people tend to slather on a thick moisturizer without knowing the right way on how to do it. The trick is to massage your favorite moisturizer onto your face instead of simply slapping it onto your face and hitting the sack. Your face will absorb the product well when you take your time into applying in into your face.

Wash your face with tepid water

The warm water opens up the pores of the skin which enables the product to sink into the skin better getting the best results as much as possible. Close your pores by washing your face with cold water followed by your favorite toner.

Apply products in order of density

Apply your skin care products from the thinnest to thickest because whatever goes on first penetrates the best. For instance, apply your serum first before putting on your moisturizing cream or your serum would be ineffective if you will do it the other way around. The only exception to this rule is retinoid as it would cause skin irritation if you apply it first on people with sensitive skin.

Place or apply the products on a damp skin

A damp skin is better than wet or dry skin as it will quickly absorb whatever comes into its way. This is ideal if you have a very dry skin as you will get more benefits from your moisturizing lotion when applied onto your damp skin. Coat your “birthday suit” immediately after going to the shower and you would get a kick out of your baby soft skin.

Never forget to apply your retinoid cream and moisturizers at night

Retinoid creams tend to lose their strength during the day and so it is best to apply it during sundown. Our body also tends to repair itself during the night. Do yourself (and skin!) a favor and put on those products before hitting the sack!


People might think that serums are just a luxury and your good old moisturizing cream will do the trick which is not entirely true while a thick crème is good for your skin, serums are better as these soldiers contain active ingredients of the said product in a more concentrated form that penetrates the skin more quickly. This is ideal if you really want to power up your skin care regimen.

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Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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Beauty & Wellness Blog

Beauty & Wellness Blog

Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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