Hot Stone Therapy

This decadent massage is so much more than just an indulgence… while it is luxurious and pampering, the use of hot stones, releases muscle tension by breaking up toxins. Drinking large amounts of water will flush out the toxins, so needless to say, this is an important step.

Hot stones are typically made from basalt, condensed volcanic matter, which retains heat. Once boiled to the desired temperature, they are used with Swedish massage techniques and placed on pressure points.

This practice takes quite a bit of training and can cause reverse therapy if done incorrectly. Be aware of the pressure, if it feels like too much, then it probably is. It is recommended that you find a therapist with experience, and one that you feel comfortable with.

​Typically, this service will include tropical extracts, so relax, heal, and enjoy this traditional massage.

Pascale Loveniers

Akwa Beauty & Wellness Belgium

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