History of MakeUp, Cleopatra Wore Eyeliner

Cleopatra wore eyeliner, supergraphic, superpointy, superdramatic, and heavier along the bottom lashes. Eyeliner always conjures up a picture of Cleopatra. Applying eyeliner was a favorite of the Egyptians. Therefore, even though gel eyeliner may be the latest and most up to date innovation in this line of products, it is by no means something new! People have been wearing many different types of make-up since ancient times. Painting one’s eyes, lips, and cheeks has been around for far longer than most of us.

As far back as the times of Cleopatra and even before, the Pharaohs were applying eyeliner. Today we have both men and women applying eyeliner, but in ancient times, it was far more common for Egyptian men to wear eyeliner. In ancient Egypt they may not have had gel eyeliner but what they had (kohl), was deemed high fashion. Eyeliner was always applied, especially amongst the wealthy and noble.

Gel eyeliner is reported to be the best of all eyeliners, but as we know, what works for one does not always work for another. You will have to try out the products yourself and choose what you find to be most suitable choice for yourself. Applying eyeliner is simple. This is done by gradually building up a line along the eyelid at the eyelash line, with a fine brush. For a more dramatic effect, you could broaden the line and curve it upwards at the corners. Using gel eyeliner might be the best as it is said to be smudge-proof, smear-proof, and waterproof. This may be all the proof you need.

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Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at https://www.akwa.be