Healthy Fat Burning Foods

Here’s an exclusive list of foods that burn fat and how they can help you get rid of accumulated fat deposits, to get you in great shape for many, many years to come

These are some fat burning foods that can easily be found in your local supermarket. If you haven’t included them in your diet plan right now, then it’s about time you got started.

  • Chilies: If you can take a little heat, then eat foods that contain chilies. Chilies are good fat burning foods which contain capsaicin that helps speed up the metabolism in your body. Capsaicin is believed to have a thermogenic effect which makes the body burn calories for about half an hour after eating.
  • Cabbage: Prevent the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat by including cabbage in your diet. Take it in either raw or boiled/cooked form for a good reduction in body weight.
  • Garlic: It contains allicin and that’s why garlic is classified as a fat-burning food. The sulfur compound allicin has an anti-bacterial effect which helps in reducing the unhealthy fat from the body.
  • Bean Sprouts: They have very low-fat content and that is the reason they are recommended in various weight loss programs. Bean Sprouts are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein.
  • Cardamom: It’s a herb with a thermal effect. Cardamom speeds up metabolism and provides help in burning body fat. By taking cardamom you improve your digestive system through which your body can efficiently process other foods.
  • Green Tea: It not only contributes towards good health but also helps you in losing weight. It has been in the news forever because of the great results that it has accomplished. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants and can increase your metabolism tremendously. Drink about 2–3 cups every day. It contains less caffeine as compared to coffee or tea and therefore you protect yourself from any harmful effects.
  • Honey: Take a tablespoon of honey with hot water in the morning. Honey mobilizes the extra fat present in your body by letting it be used as a source of energy in doing other tasks.
  • Cereal: Instead of going for a popular breakfast trend of bacon and eggs, opt for ready-to-go cereal. Women who have cereal for breakfast are less likely to be overweight than women who consume other breakfast items.
  • Low-fat Dairy Products: Did you know that if you don’t provide your body with calcium regularly, you increase the chances of your body storing more fat? Low-fat dairy products like yogurt are a good source of calcium. Therefore you must satisfy the daily calcium needs of your body so that your body can burn fat more efficiently.
  • Turkey: It speeds up your metabolism because of the amino acid leucine. Just like low-fat dairy products leucine helps in preserving muscle mass. Also, when you eat turkey you are unlikely to eat more than required because protein satisfies your appetite more than fat or carbohydrates.
  • Lean protein: Don’t take the extra fat present in pork. Instead, substitute with lean red meat or chicken. Lean red meat and chicken do not have the extra calories present in pork and are rich in protein. If you decide to eat chicken, then avoid frying it and remember to take the skin off before cooking.
  • Enova: Instead of using other oils, you can lose more weight by using Enova oil. Where other oils are made up of triglycerides, Enova oil is made up of diglycerides. Because of its different metabolism properties, Enova oil is a type of fat that is not stored as easily as other fats are.
  • Nuts: Nuts lower your bad cholesterol levels. They are a good source of protein and fiber. Nuts can make a great snack in between your meals.
  • Spices: Shift your metabolism in top gear by spicing up your meals. Spicy foods like chilies contain a chemical compound, capsaicin, which is responsible for increasing metabolism. Sprinkle your meals lightly with chopped chilies, red pepper or finely chopped curry leaves.
  • Broccoli: You can also boost your metabolism by including broccoli in your meals. You can never eat too much broccoli! Broccoli is rich in fiber, calcium, vitamins and folic acid. All of these things are highly beneficial in boosting the metabolism inside your body.
  • Real Fruits: Go for whole fruits instead of fruit juices. Real fruit has more fiber content as compared to the juice. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of carbohydrates.

OK, but which one is the best fat burning food?

If you want to lose weight, you have to get into a habit of eating small meals more often instead of eating large meals with long intervals. By eating big meals every 6 hours you slow down your metabolism. Therefore, try to eat smaller meals every 3–4 hours. By doing so, you will not only increase your metabolism but you’ll also be eating a lot less at mealtimes.

There are plenty of foods that can help you burn body fat. However, while selecting which fat burning foods to eat you should choose foods that you love.

It all starts by taking care of what you put inside your body. For a lot of people, a good intake of fruits in their daily diet can do wonders. Fruits with a high content of Vitamin C are always preferred, for example, lemons, grapes, oranges, and others.

Start with breakfast! Ensure that your breakfast contains fruits, and I don’t mean juices. Although juices are easily digested by the body, they also lack some essential nutrients. The idea is to make your body work hard to digest what you eat, so instead of going for the juices, go for the whole fruit.

Other than fruits, you can take skimmed milk and whole-grain cereal. This will help your body fight against the accumulated fat and provide it with required vitamins, minerals and fibers at the same time.

Do you enjoy spices? Did you know those spicy foods that contain pepper help the body in releasing stress hormones? This can be extremely beneficial because it will boost your body’s metabolism.

If you are non-vegetarian you can also involve meat and seafood in your daily diet. However, be sure to choose meat which is high in proteins. The more proteins you put inside your body the quicker your body will burn fat. Be careful though, instead of frying the meat you should boil or grill it to get the grease out.

Seafood is very good for your heart. It not only helps your body in burning unwanted fat but also contributes hugely towards your general well-being.

Therefore, it is very important that when you are out on a hunt for foods that burn body fat, you should choose foods that you love and can easily tolerate. There is no point in going for foods that you will get bored of eating after a few weeks because it’s not that we want to look good and fit for a few months only. We want to look slim and healthy for as long as we can and the only way to do it is to go with foods that you also enjoy so that you can easily develop a habit of consuming them daily.

Nice! Hey, tell me more about the benefits…

We know that fat burning foods can help us lose weight. But have you wondered how these foods work, or what exactly they do inside your body?

You will be very pleased to know that burning fat isn’t the only good thing that these foods do. Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Availability: These foods are quite inexpensive and are readily available in the supermarket.
  • No side effects: Such foods are the gift of nature. Hence, there is absolutely no side effect (Unless you are allergic to a particular food). Therefore, you can assure yourself of no harmful effect by consuming them.
  • No more cravings: Fat burning foods suppress hunger and provide your body with all the nutrients that it needs. Have you ever asked yourself why you get food cravings in between meals? This is just feedback that your body gives that the meal you ate earlier didn’t provide all the necessary nutrients which were needed. When you start to include fat burning foods in your meals, you will get a healthier feeling and hence won’t have cravings in-between meal times.
  • Boost body metabolism: To digest anything that we eat, the body requires energy. As compared to other foods, the foods that burn fat require more energy. This requirement speeds up metabolism in our body and we all know that if our body has a good rate of metabolism then our body will burn fat easily regularly.
  • Overeating prevention: Most of the junk foods that people consume daily contain very simple carbohydrates. Our body does not require much energy to digest these foods and hence when we eat junk food we tend to eat more.
  • The powerful feeling of a full stomach: Have you ever had trouble concentrating at work or doing other activities when your stomach feels half empty? It happens so often that we want to work hard but we feel lazy because of hunger. Such a feeling arises within 2–3 hours from eating junk food. The benefit that fat burning foods provide is that they give you a feeling of a fuller stomach for longer. When you have such a feeling inside your stomach you tend to think positive and attract more happiness.

If you are looking for the healthiest way to lose stomach fat then you have to take it slow. This involves a good healthy change, not only in your diet but in your complete lifestyle.

In today’s world, everybody is making a run for everything. If we want something done, we want it done right now. But that’s not how nature works, does it? The best way to bring a change in you is to take one step at a time.

So many people go with instant weight loss schemes and after fighting for a few weeks they simply give up. It’s not that all those people lack dedication. Most of the people who want to lose weight are quite dedicated but the only problem is patience. Your body has to adapt to the change and this process doesn’t happen overnight. If you tried to bring a change overnight the fact is you will either fall sick or suffer from fatigue.

Therefore, don’t look for a quick fix to your body weight. Put all your focus towards the long term goals and the results that can last for a long time.

Make a list of all the things that you put to eat regularly. Find out where you can make a change. The idea is not to completely change your diet but to gradually move towards a proper and healthier diet.

There must be some foods that you know you shouldn’t consume as much but still, you eat them because they are attached to your emotions. Now, these foods might give you emotional support but for sure they aren’t helping towards the way you look. Learn to avoid them! You might think and feel that you can’t do that, but you actually can. The best way to stop a habit is to move to a different habit. Here we won’t move from one bad habit to another but we will move from one bad habit to a habit that is good for our body.

Following such a trend is going to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. This will remove stress from your life and make you a lot happier. Don’t wait for that perfect body. Instead, enjoy the process of losing weight the healthy way. Once you achieve your desired results you will know that although good changes take time, when they are achieved, they are there to stay.

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Beauty & Wellness Blog

Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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