Hair Straighteners: A Good Idea? Or Not?

One of the most important components of your beauty is your hair. This is one of those advantages that women have over men. Soft, healthy and beautiful hair always gets plenty of attention from men.

It is not a secret that it’s much easier to take care of straight hair. You straighten it once and it remains so for the rest of the day. But the process of straightening, which involves the usage of hair straighteners, may seriously damage your hair. That’s why you should consider the following before shopping for a straightener.Some straighteners have metal plates. This type is cheaper compared with the ceramic ones, but it will damage your hair if you use it too often. If you have thick hair and you don’t plan on using a hair straightener regularly, you should buy a hair straightener with metal plates. This is a perfect solution especially if you are shopping on a tight budget.

But if you want a better quality and don’t mind spending some money, I recommend you to buy a hair straightener with ceramic plates. These ones have a number of advantages. They are smoother and the heat all over the plates is equal, which will not damage your hair. It’s also very easy to manage the temperature with these straighteners, as they cool down quickly. Also pay attention to the temperatures the hair straighteners offer. Straighten your hair at the following temperatures:

At 160°C, if your hair is already damaged — you don’t need a strong one.

At 170°C-175°C, if your hair is normal.

You should also look for straighteners that have infrared and ionic technology. These technologies will add some moisture to your hair, which will protect them from damage.

If your hair isn’t straight, but you want it to be very much, you can always turn to a good quality hair straightener that will not damage your hair and will keep you smiling.

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