Get Antioxidants from the Cherry Smoothie

Watching professional chefs in TV shows and cooking magazines, prepare fantastically colored and artistically decorated beverages is extremely mouthwatering. Not only TV shows and magazines but even travel and tourism advertisement at times make one long for those exotic dishes or drinks. Rather than just watching and simply waiting to collect money and boarding the plane or checking into that luxury hotel to get those foods and drinks, it is a good idea to prepare one at home and enjoy. For people who are looking towards a healthier breakfast and a break from supplements and medicines, an antioxidant smoothie will work wonders.

This smoothie is an excellent replacement for supplements and medications because it uses natural ingredients such as berries and juices and together, they work to make a body superbly healthy and fit. An antioxidant smoothie can be made using one cup of unsweetened pomegranate juice along with ½ cup of wild berries, ½ cup of strawberries, ½ cup of blackberries and ½ cup of raspberries. If one has berries frozen, they can also be used as freezing the berries does not affect their potency. While most types of berries are available only in summers, buying them and deep freezing them for later usage is also possible. Thus, if someone wants to use berries in winters, it is quite possible provided that they have been properly frozen. As for the smoothie, it can be prepared simply by combining all the berries with the pomegranate juice in a blender and blended as per the required consistency. The smoothie not only tastes great but also brings endless health benefits such as prevention from various types of cancers, provision of antioxidants and a control over cravings. This antioxidant smoothie provides such a great amount of antioxidants that it not only becomes a fantastic beverage to fight off cancers but also provides energy for the whole day. Thus, it is recommended for breakfast but one can take it whenever one feels like. Taking the smoothie in the breakfast however, remains the best option as it helps keeping the whole day, free of extra cravings and hence, overeating as well as keeps on providing good amounts of energy thus keeping the day perfectly light and healthy. For people who have tendency to gain weight or are habitual to overeating, this smoothie can work wonders. Since it works a great deal to control all extra cravings and the energy levels high enough to keep one’s concentration away from food and drink, it is an excellent drink to keep bad eating habits in control and hence, the weight at the perfect level. An antioxidant smoothie in the breakfast can be great and if it is made up of a combination of delicious berries, it becomes a perfect way to start the day.

A great combination of a great taste and texture that gives great health is of course, the perfect breakfast. Preparing an antioxidant smoothie every morning and taking it with breakfast is indeed, an excellent idea as it further paves way for desirable health and wellness.

P. Loveniers

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Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at