Foods that Keep Inflammation Away

One of the major issues with people’s health today is rooted in the food that they eat. This is because the food eaten is not real and hence, provides the body with bad fat, unhealthy carbohydrates and other compounds that cause inflammation. Inflammation in turn, causes numerous diseases such as cardiac problems, Alzheimer’s disease, digestive issues and even cancer. The solution to all such problems is eating anti-inflammatory diet. Food has been given to mankind by nature and is the indeed, the finest way of maintaining good health. Thus, concentrating on diet can actually help prevent the many problems which are considered to occur on their own and treatable only through medicine.

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Research and study however, has it that eating the right kinds of food can help people prevent many diseases and health problems and promote a healthier and happier life. When it comes to taking anti-inflammatory diet, one of the most important foods to add to the diet plan is fruits and vegetables. There are many people who don’t eat fruits and vegetables, especially kids but this is actually a very bad habit. Vegetables and fruits are all very effective but those that are leafy green or come in shades of red and yellow are simply the perfect choices for a healthy lifestyle. These fruits and vegetables are rich in carotene and contain protective compounds for the body. 5–7 servings of these fruits and vegetables each day would work wonders, if one serving equals half a cup.

The anti-inflammatory diet also includes usage of whole or cracked grains versus the polarized ones that are commonly eaten. The whole or cracked grains are rich in protein and work well for blood sugar levels while the polarized grains unease the blood sugar levels. 3–5 servings of whole or cracked grains each day is a good way to go about an anti-inflammatory diet. Another amazing part of this diet is the usage of oils that come from nuts. These oils include extra virgin olive oil and the oil that comes from cashew nuts along with others. Rich in polyphenols, these oils are a good source of healthy fats and hence, a good replacement from the fats taken in from fast foods, sweets, desserts and candies.

Sea food has long been known to be extremely healthy and an excellent source of protein and when it comes to preventing inflammation, it works wonders! All sorts of sea food are good for this purpose but Black Cod, which is also known as Cebu fish, butterfish and sablefish, is the best choice. It contains higher amounts of omega 3 content than most other sea foods. 2–3 servings of this fish a week would work very well for preventing inflammation and the diseases that it causes and doctors say that even vegetarians should try this fish out. Last but not the least, herbs and spices also have to be a part of an anti-inflammatory diet. This works very well in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Basil, cinnamon, rosemary, chilies, ginger, curry powder and turmeric are some of the best known herbs and spices for that matter. If possible, turmeric should be used in every meal.

Together, these things can change the life of a person amazingly. It is a point of no doubt that health is all about good diet and if one follows a plan that includes only the most natural foods, health and happiness would come automatically.

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Beauty & Wellness Blog

Beauty & Wellness Blog

Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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