Fiber, Natural or Not?

Shopping out in the supermarket is really fun. With large varieties of all items ranging from kitchen cleaners to cosmetics and toiletries, imported as well as locally manufactured, seen or never seen before products stocked on both sides, the experience is simply exotic! Roaming around between fully stocked shelves and selecting the most exciting items is fun indeed. When it comes to food items though, one has to be a bit careful. Take for instance, the label on the packaging, one has to see if it is good for one’s health or not. It is important to know that the labels are not completely misleading but also, not as healthy and effective as it sounds. This is especially the case with ‘a good source of fiber’ label.

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All food items having this label might be good sources of fiber but they are certainly not as good as many other items in the same supermarket or other marts around the town. A food’s being a good source of fiber means that it contains a good quantity of fiber but then, this fiber is never a natural one. It is synthetic fiber or a fiber additive and of course with the availability of natural fiber such as whole grains, spending money on such foods is not a very good idea. In some countries, grains might be much cheaper than the expensive imported cereals or packaged foods that are apparently good sources of fiber. Hence, saving money by avoiding these kinds of foods can be helpful as one will get to spend on other areas.

Also, since fiber is supposed to be part of daily diet, by taking it most authentic, effective and natural sources, one will make up for good health. Eating nutrition wise might be really technical for many people and hence, something too time consuming and demanding to do. However, since nothing can be more important than food and good health, these things have to be taken care of. Taking care will not only promote better health and wellness but also save money. Foods labeled as being a good source of fiber can be bought but only if one knows that he/she is taking the required amount of natural fiber as well, through other better sources and these foods must act only as supplementary sources of the nutrient giving a little bit of fiber along with exotica and taste.

To be completely dependent on these sources for getting fiber is not so effective. It is true that additive fiber is not entirely ineffective but of course, compared to natural sources, it cannot be very effective. Since it is very important to take in a good amount of fiber each day, keeping wheat and grains in use is advised while a cereal that is a good source of fiber or other foods of this category can be kept as supplementary sources of fiber.

The label, ‘a good source of fiber’ is thus, something only to be enjoyed and not completely trusted. Manufacturers of foods which have this label have not actually lied to the customer but just over impressed them. Thus, sticking to natural foods is an excellent way of maintaining good health and utilizing the money spent on health and wellness.

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Beauty & Wellness Blog

Beauty & Wellness Blog

Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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