Cool Tattoo Designs: Breast Tattoos

No, these are not tattoos of breasts, these are tattoos on breasts. Women’s breasts, of course; no one thinks much of it when a man gets a chest tattoo. A breast body art tattoo might be just an ordinary tattoo that happens to be on a woman’s chest.

I’ve seen some pictures of tattoos up near a woman’s collar-bone, and really, unless you’re abnormally perky, I don’t see how that counts. Others look like lace bras or decorative breast-plates, lingerie you can’t take off. Spider webs are evidently popular, which strikes me as creepy. I’ve seen some tattoos that turn women’s breasts into gardens of multi-colored flowers. There are some really cool tattoo designs out there.

Some women want to make themselves sexier. Others want to offend exactly those people who should not be looking at their breasts. Of course, other cultures have traditions of breast-based body art tattoo as well. If anyone wants to try a breast tattoo in order to puzzle other people, it seems to be an effective method; I’ve read plenty of people online wondering why anyone would get a breast tattoo. Do you mean aside from tattooed nipples after reconstructive breast surgery? Yes, those exist, though they’re something of a different genre.

I also once saw a photo of a woman who’d had a mastectomy, who had not had reconstructive surgery at all. She was fairly young, for a cancer survivor, perhaps in her thirties or forties, and the photo showed her holding her arms up in victory, shirtless, baring one ordinary breast and beside it one dragon, snaking its fierce way across her mastectomy scar. That was one of the most seriously cool tattoo designs I’ve ever heard of.

But aside from that, the breast is an ideal place for a body art tattoo, because no one will ever expect to see that area of skin unless the woman reveals it as a gift. This means that there is no circumstance under which someone who doesn’t like tattoos will be able to see it. Even today, when tattoos have become fairly well accepted, there are jobs you can’t have with a visible tattoo. Some people will think of you differently.

Getting your ink on your belly or shoulder is fairly safe, as these areas are covered by professional-type clothing, but belly-tattoos on young women are iffy, as if you get pregnant they stretch out, and you still have to think about whether you want anyone who sees you in a tank-top to know you’ve got a tattoo. Put the ink on your breast, and no one will ever think twice about it if you want to keep it covered. And it would make a great gossipy rumor.

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