Beautician Do’s and Don’ts

Being a beautician does not stop at making a client look nice. A beautician also has the job of looking nice themselves. All girls want to be beautiful, so how are you going to make me beautiful if you don’t look good yourself? Women come to a beauty establishment to enhance their appearances. Receiving beauty advice and product recommendations from the stylist that makes them feel good about themselves. For these reasons alone the beauty industry is very productive and will never become obsolete.

However there are a few qualities required if you want to be a successful beauty expert. Being able to maintain good manners are needed in any career, but working in the beauty field etiquette holds precedence. Being friendly and willing to help at all times is very important when dealing with so many different personalities on a daily basis. Having patience and a high tolerance for ongoing questions and concerns will allow the beautician the opportunity to build great rapport with clientele. Establishing trust and integrity with your following is very important to any beauticians success. Your clients being able to trust your advice and recommendations will keep them coming back to you for any beauty services needed.

Being a part of the beauty industry calls for the beautician to be current on all the latest products and techniques. If a client asks for suggestions, the beautician should be able to refer them to what’s currently available. Not being in the loop of the latest fashion trends, make-up techniques, hair styles may cause a beauty expert to lose business which then means loosing money. Forming a consistent following is the #1 focus of any and all beauty experts, making a customer comfortable and happy with the services received will keep them coming back for more.

Looking your best while at work is also important to remember. If you want a customer to feel comfortable and confident in your capability to provide quality service, you must display your talent on yourself. There is no better bill board for beauty then the advertisement you can demonstrate on your own self. Always keeping yourself presentable and on point appearance wise will offer you great benefits. When it come to new clientele being at ease with your skills and your ability to make them look fabulous, you emitting fabulous from yourself will always do the trick.

In a nutshell being apart of the beauty industry is lots of work. Not only do you have to work on others but you have to work on you as well to accomplish the over all most important component and that is beauty. Whether its hair, nails, make-up, facials or waxing keep in mind that a beautician has the duty to provide a service that requires attractiveness. What better way to start off your beautician career than finding the beauty within you first.

Pascale Loveniers
Akwa Wellness & Beauty

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Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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Beauty & Wellness Blog

Beauty & Wellness Blog

Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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