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2 min readMar 19, 2018


Allergies can, indeed, turn into a very serious hindrance and cause you to feel unable to take part in everyday activities. In fact, if you are one of the many sufferers who have allergic reactions, it might even seem to you that, every once in awhile, your environment is a pretty antagonistic place and that the world around you is, actually, out to get you!


You might question how it is that other human beings seem to be so susceptible to the exact same environmental stresses that send your body into overwhelm. Other people appear either unaware of or plainly`totally unresponsive to the would-be irritants that lurk at every turn, while your body reacts, or rather overreacts, to them. Why you? It’s a valid question. The answer is that some men and women, such as yourself, have a hyperactive immune system that more or less “goes into a frenzy” whenever you encounter routine substances particularly pollen, dander, shellfish, or nuts.

The true reason for the abatement of allergy symptoms is because of the fact that chiropractic treatment impacts the entire nervous system, including your autoimmune system, which is at the root of your hypersensitive responses. Any time there’s a hindrance within the nervous system, in conjunction with other challenges, the autoimmune system, whose responsibility it is to assist you to adapt and react in a healthy way to your environment, is likely to become under-active or overactive. In the case of your allergies, the dysfunction is the latter (it becomes overactive).

In view of the fact that chiropractic manipulations are intended to decrease or even totally get rid of perturbations in the nervous system and recreate equilibrium and relaxation to the entire body, along with a number of other corrections, the adjustments administer homeostasis to the autoimmune system at the same time. A balanced immune system reacts properly to so-called allergens within the natural world.

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