Acne Cures: Is there a Natural Acne Cure that Works?

Is there a working natural acne cure or it turns out that curing acne is another new myth? Is there a lasting natural treatment for curing acne or fighting acne is just a Sisyphean fight? Besides the conventional creams and drugs, as well as specialized acne treatments that often imply cruel side effects, is there any natural alternative treatment for curing acne that is safe and has no side effects?

Acne can not be cured! This is the statement that west medicine supporters and a good number of dermatologists provided to the question if acne can be cured. They are focusing on two main reasons for this answer.

  1. They never really go to the root of the problem and the cause of the acne. This may sound unbelievable, but sadly it is true. Symptoms of acne are well known to them, they are familiar with them, but they specialize in tackling acne, not to find the main problem for causing the surface condition. You can check this, by asking your dermatologist, he/she will give some drugs straightforward or give you a bit of advice which drugs/creams/lotions to use, but they won’t ask you additional questions to understand the conditions that are basically causing the acne problem in the first place.

2. Almost every dermatologist, I could generalize almost all doctors, work closely with drug and pharmaceutical companies, and they prefer cure over discovering the cause. This is basically because companies have spent a large amount of money on finding cures for all sorts of problems as well as for acne. However, most of these cures and remedies are generalized, and they are not always the appropriate medication for your skin condition. This is happening just because companies aim to bigger profits and make consumers dependant. So, applying these remedies, in some cases might be the real cure, but mostly they can’t deal with the problem just because they are not treating the internal cause, the root of the problem. Creams and medications will cure you temporarily and as soon you stop using the medication, you’ll get back to your old condition or even worse. This is how an acne sufferer will get more dependent on the cream, this will be an only temporary solution, which means solid income for the pharmaceutical corporations.

The problem that happens with curing the acne can be metaphorically observed in the same manner as the problem with mosquitoes. The western and modern medicine use creams that are made using chemicals to cure acne, and they will disappear. But how long will that effect last? They are not fixing the initial problem which is the cause of the acne. So, if you try to kill mosquitoes with chemicals, you will succeed eventually, but what will happen when you stop using the chemicals? The problem with mosquitoes is not how to kill them, but to find the cause of why and how are they appearing in your home. So you need to find the root of the problem; find where they lay their eggs, and how to stop them getting into your home. This is the root cause of mosquitoes, if you fix this, they won’t be coming back.

The same will work for curing your acne problem!

Eliminating the root cause of your skin problem is crucial for getting rid of your acne problem. You need to cure the internal source of your acne problem. If you don’t fix the internal cause of your acne condition, you may find a temporary solution, but your acne problem will come back. You need to find that cause, where mosquitoes lay their eggs, the cause which is responsible for your acne in the first place.

The result of a breakdown somewhere in your body will be a disease. There is something fundamentally wrong with your body that causes a disease, as Deepak Chopra refers to “The violation of simple laws of nature that make our body function”. So, you are lucky for having acne. This is a sign. Acne problem is a message that your body sends to you that there is something wrong internally and it should be corrected and cured.

So, you have two choices now.

1. You can ignore the message that your body is sending, and do nothing and hope that the internal imbalance that is causing your problem will not turn into a chronic condition. I hope that your problem will not become more intense or even start to have other hormonal inequities.

2. Help to cure and treat your body signals. Start fixing your internal condition that causes your acne problem in the first place. Helping your body to overcome these problems, will not only get rid of your acne, but you’ll also feel healthy, beautiful, be a proud owner of toned skin and prevent hormonal or toxic associated conditions.

You are out of balance. Yes, that’s the truth. But, now you are aware of it. Most of us are because we are living this fast-changing lifestyle. The technology is changing, so in the past 50 years, we started using more and more synthetic industrial chemicals and we are filling our body with toxins. They exist in everyday food, and you can imagine the number of chemicals and toxins in medication.

To cure the internal state of your body that causes your acne, you need to change your lifestyle, eat more healthy food, drink natural drinks, healthy diets, hormonal balancing, exercise, and you’ll start treating your body messages. You’ll balance your body and you’ll feel it.

With these lifestyle changes, it will not matter what type of acne you have. This way of treating your body has been around us for thousands of years and will work whether you have a teen or adult acne, whether you have them on your back, chest or face, or even during menopause or monthly cycles. It is known as the holistic way.

Now you have the idea that will guide you and help you overcome your acne problem. It will improve your internal condition and get rid of acne. It only requires dedication to become clear and most important to stay clear! It will help you say ‘acne no more’. You have the power to make it happen.

Akwa Wellness

Originally published at on September 14, 2019.




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Beauty & Wellness Blog

Blog about Wellness and Beauty. You can check our website at

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